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Farm Products

We offer when available:






Assorted herbs

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When available we offer all kinds of livestock such as:

Feeder calves

Feeder pigs

Old Spot Pigs

Meat rabbits

Poultry (Chicken, Ducks, and Turkeys)

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Homesteading Classes

We offer classes that will help you on your Homestead. Want to learn how to hand milk a cow? We can do that! Other classes that are offered:

Canning – water bath, pressure, and oven canning.

Cheese – mozzarella, yogurt cheese, farmers



Bread & Rolls

Chicken and Rabbit processing

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What We Do

On our 10 acre farm we work to provide ourselves with the freshest food possible, without the need of chemicals. We also like to help other people who are interested in homesteading get started.

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Questions on gardening?

If you have questions about anything gardening let us know and we will help you with the answers.

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